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Manifest Your 6 Figure Business

Do you feel like you are doing all the right things in your business but still have little to no sales to show for all of your hard work?

That's because you can't out hustle a bad money mindset!

I see it time and time again, entrepreneurs with great value, great messages and maybe even a great strategy but they still are failing to convert their offers into actual sales.

This is what we call an energetic block and it all stems from a deeply embedded money story that was never even yours to begin with.

That's right! It was projected onto you but your subconscious is now operating from this belief system and pattern and guess what, it's showing up in every aspect of your life, including your business!

It's time to reclaim your power, heal your money story and manifest your 6 figure year!


At the age of 17, my uncle consciously manifested a $42 million dollar lottery win. This inspired my journey to learning as much as I possibly could about the law of attraction and how to consciously create the reality I desired.

With this knowledge, I was able to come up with my own manifesting formula that I now call the Money Magic Method. This method took me from a teen mom surviving on Ramen noodles to a multiple six figure a year earner.

I now use this method to help other entrepreneurs manifest sales and income quickly and easily, minus the hustle.

This is the core foundation of the Money Mindset Magic course.

CLEAR: In order to receive something new, we have to make room and clear out all of the old stagnant energy that is keeping you stuck!

EMBODY: Once you drop the limiting beliefs, showing up as your higher self is a breeze.... this is where biz strategy gets really easy too ;)

MANIFEST: This is the fun part but also something most people forget! It's time to turn on your receiving valve. You've never received on this level or caliber before so it's important to re-train your energy to not only manifest but also to be able to keep what you have manifested so you can continue to grow.


Yolanda is one of the most powerful coaches I've worked with... Thank you for changing my life! I can't stop money from flowing into my life now. thank you, thank you, thank you! you are such a gift to the world!

-Adrianna Zathan

"The amount of time and love you put into your group course exceeded all of my expectations. It was the perfect amount of personal and informative and when I signed up for MMM, I had no idea so many people could end up doing things they didn't even imagine for themselves in such a short time, including me! Yolanda, honestly I hope to be as amazing as you are to all of my clients."

-Cossondre Bahr

"I signed up to take Money Mindset Magic as a last resort for my business. I had worked with another coach, I had been in business for 2 years with nothing but a mountain of debt to show for it. I showed up every day and did the work. Yolanda helped me find my true passion and once I was in a higher vibration, I ended up making a lot of money, in 2 weeks! People are literally calling me offering me money, I won some money in the lottery, I was able to enroll in a very expensive course that I desperately was trying to figure out how to pay for, I had stashed money away for a vacation to Hawaii but my husband ended up getting a couple low paychecks, he said I needed to dip into that fund and use it for Christmas... well, I found the money elsewhere. So Hawaii is still happening! I can't even find the words to express all the magic that happens in this course. If you are reading this testimonial trying to decide if you should buy this course... JUST DO IT. I don't know how she does it but Yolanda is seriously gifted, she is my Yoda."

-Spring Houltin

"Yolanda is the most incredible coach- and that is truly understating her abilities. The entire course has been inspiring, uplifting and healing. An incredible learning curve and it's just the beginning... I can't recommend Yolanda more. She's honest, kind, fiercely loyal and determined to help you find your true potential. I'm so grateful she came into my life." *UPDATE- My revenue is up 543%

-Alexandra Cook

"The last 6 weeks with Yolanda has been the most amazing and life changing experience. We have such a new zest for life, our energy around money and finances has taken a complete 180 turn. Yolanda calls it like it is. She's all love and heart and truly cares! This is why she does what she does! She's absolutely amazing and we absolutely adore her. We are continuing coaching with her because it's life changing and we are on such an amazing path. Yolanda, thank you from the bottom of our hears girl."

-Chris and Paula Testa

" My business has literally blown up since I have been able to implement the tools and techniques you provided and the knowledge I've gained about myself. My energy is high and positive and I have people coming to ME wanting what my business has to offer them. I have learned so much about the power and energy of the mind and how my mindset affects everything. I am so looking forward to continuing my journey with you and manifesting even MORE! There is no limit as to what I can achieve and I thank you again SO much!

-Donna Bondurant 

"Before enrolling in Money Mindset Magic I was a girl with big dreams but no solid plan. Throughout the course I have gained so much valuable insight as to why my dreams were just that: dreams. I had multiple breakthroughs that Yolanda helped me uncover that left me feeling worthy of everything I desired. I had no idea just how much healing needed to happen in order to make room for all of the wonderful things that are happening for me right now! This course opened my eyes and my heart to receiving exactly what I want. You can't put a price on the tools and techniques Yolanda has for releasing fear, discovering your worthiness and manifesting all of your desires."

-Brittany Mason

"Wow! What a whirlwind Money Mindset Magic Was. My brand Live With Audacity is based on having courage, overcoming fear and not worrying about what you're "supposed to do" with your life. And for the most part, that's how I live but something kept holding me back from moving forward. I just couldn't quite get the stamina or the gall to move the needle. Weeks and months went by where I was just doing the minimum and I was sick of it. I kept seeing posts in groups of "what did you accomplish this week" or "another month is gone, did you reach your goals?" and I'd be like, what goals? I don't have any. IDK what I'm doing over here. And it crushed me every time. Wondering when I'd have something to celebrate. I knew I had to make a change because I was so sick of treading water. So, I took a leap with Yolanda because after our 1:1 session in May, I had the most MAJOR leap forward in my business. I knew I could trust her to deliver results and that I'd make some major progress. I'm so glad I trusted my intuition on that. The first thing I did was ask for a raise and I got it! Now I'm stepping out of my fear and my comfort zone again and launching a course at the end of January. None of that would have happened without this course and Yolanda helping me dig down deep to figure out what exactly my fear was and how to overcome it. This course and the group was so powerful for me that I decided to sign up for Fearless Soulpreneur because I know I'll go even further with another THREE months with my favorite coach!" 

-Melissa Stuart


Step by Step Guidance

This course is self paced and contains training videos to walk you through each step of transforming your money mindset and manifesting your dream business.

Lifetime Access

With lifetime access you have the ability to reference back and restart the lessons at any time.

Support and Community

Gain access to the private FB community filled with other like minded individuals committed to upleveling their life and biz.


 Yolanda Boyarin is the Money Relationship Guru behind the brand Manifest Mad Money.  

  Her mission and goal is to help driven entrepreneurs create and manifest the life and business of their dreams all while feeling completely fulfilled, passionate and aligned.  

  She is the perfect mix of strategy and woo that helps bring out the confident, thriving and abundant version of you!  

‚Äč Yolanda learned about manifestation and the law of attraction as a child from her uncle who later manifested a 42 million dollar lottery win.  

 Seeing her uncles success, she decided to study and apply everything she learned about manifestation to completely shift her life from a struggling teen mom to a successful and abundant business owner. She now teaches others to master their mind and create the prosperous and abundant life they deserve.

This is for you if...

  • You want to learn to BECOME A VIBRATIONAL MATCH for MORE CLIENTS, SALES and OPPORTUNITIES by applying the law of attraction to your biz.
  • You are tired of struggling to MAKE SALES and are ready to hand the "how" over to the Universe... CASH on demand!
  • You are implementing the strategy and techniques but you constantly question if you're doing it right... Resistance with a capital R.
  • You are ready to release the negative self talk, self doubt and step up to the plate as the confident MONEY MAKING CEO that you truly are!
  • You are ready to HEAL your money wound!

Why Now?

Continuing to try and struggle your way to success is not the way. Not only does it not feel good but it also leaves no room for consistent growth and success. It's like throwing spaghetti at a wall to try and see what sticks.

Your business revolves around money. The quicker you realize this was the root cause of your problem, the more you will wish you started here sooner!


  • Will this really help me grow my business? 

YES! The Money Magic Method helps you uncover what is actually stopping you from manifesting and actualizing sales and guides you to the easiest way to get into alignment to RECEIVE WITH EASE through your manifesting vessel AKA your business. After all, business is 80% mindset and 20% action.

  • What makes the Money Magic Method so special?

I learned about manifestation from my uncle who manifested a $42 million dollar lottery win as well as applying my own research of the mind. After years of manifesting homes, cars, luxury vacations and of course tons of money, I realized that my Money Magic Method was life altering due to the steps and unique process. It allows you to uncover things you never noticed about yourself so that you can remove energetic blocks and actually manifest the business of your dreams!

Your Time is Now!

Let's manifest success

I'm Ready!

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